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Death and taxes rate quite high in accountability: we can “trust” that their time will come! Numbers have been seen as a substitute to trust, as they provide a way to measure whether we have done what we say we would. Yet is that really true? Isn’t Peace of mind coming from the knowing that we acted in integrity with ourselves – no matter what the scale, the lab work or the bank statement may say? When dissatisfied, we make numbers our tyrants, pushing us to reach a health goal or convincing us that we need to hit a target to maintain funding. We use them to hide the screech of a voice telling us that we are not enough, that we don’t have enough and that we don’t do enough. In so doing, we lie to ourselves.

Numbers are much more than a replacement for trust or a motivation to achieve. They have life. As offered by John Forbes Nash, Jr. “you don’t have to be a mathematician to have a feel for numbers.” You just have to be a feeler, a music lover, a warrior of the heart. There are infinite ways to communicate; some better than others. Numbers are potentially the most elegant of all!

Their signals and patterns are all around us. We just have to open to seeing them, and be willing to read them, similarly to the way an animal psychic would communicate with a cat or a bird. How we read these subtle cues can help determine the events of our lives. Numbers are symmetrical; they come in pairs – in pairs of animals. It’s easy to see: just write down the nine digits on a single row. 5 is dead center; around 5 is the pair of 4 and 6, then extending out comes the pair of 3 and 7, then 2 and 8, and finally 1 and 9. Each pair forms a 10 – espousing the perfect symmetry that the language of the universe. Imagine that: what if numbers were in fact letters?

These signs are the 10 digits are the fingers of our hands, literally so: the word “digit” comes from French doigt for “finger.” The letters are shapes – triangles (A), circles (O), and lines (I), just so that we would understand life multi-dimensionally and shake hands with each other. Some of us can recognize the patterns, and feel their play repeated infinitely, which transmits the blessing to “be fruitful … and multiply!”

Just speaking their language and learning to follow their logic (instead of trying to impose an outcome) will allow us to accept and be present to what is, as it will convey a sense of interdependency. Mathematics and music are one: arranged in time and sequence, the 12 simple tones of the chromatic scale create different rhythms; harmony and dissonance; resolution and tension. As we live in the paradox, we begin to hear the Music of the Spheres; a sound as silent as a stone, and as majestic and powerful as the galaxy.

Numbers have beauty, because they obey a supernal code. Resonating with that code allows us to know that we are comprehensive, that we can include it all. It is to say that there are no situations in life that we can’t handle. All perfect. Perfect numbers are very rare. Yet there are here, awaiting that we would join them, and be strengthened by their force.

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Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heART of the emPowering NOW Team

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