WHY emPowering NOW?

WHY a company focused on Power?

BECAUSE, as inspired by Abraham Lincoln, if you want to test someone’s character, give that person Power! 

emPowering NOW LLC went to the future to break the seals placed on ancient Wisdom, as a way to transcend the confusion that has us blocking our own empowerment. More than a company, we are a movement that presents,  implements and experiments with a bold, outrageous and provocative proposition: symbols are non-human sentient animals. When I feel and sense the words that I speak or don’t speak, I become an emissary between above and below, using the life of signs to bridge collective Power and individual Power, thereby synergizing the Power of three perspectives:

  1. Collective Power is the “We” perspective: we are a team of visionaries accepting that remembering the practicality of “do no harm” may involve staying in the fire with each other, until we are empathic enough to support diversity, and honor mutuality.
  2. Individual Power is the “I” perspective: I am a unique expression as a servant leader. To shift my tendency to remain asleep at the “will,” and create unconscious time, looking for love in all the wrong places, I will to have the courage to turn within, and find that which will never be found without.
  3. Symbolic Power is the “IT/ITS” perspective: IT is what moves me when I am in the zone; I do not run: IT runs me; I do not speak, IT speaks me; I do not garden, IT gardens me… When I allow IT to flow through me, I meet the plural ITS: the results of my communication. For emPowering NOW, IT is a novel form of business that operates from another plane of existence, where communication is so transparent it is unsalable.

WHY is “IT” such an extraordinary proposition?

BECAUSE IT goes to the poison to distill the cure! Developmental sciences have pointed out how the emergence of language destroys the holistic view of the world the child had held thus far, replacing it with an entirely new dimension of mental life, that of verbal language, and leading it to adopt a more categorical and analytical view of the world. Daniel Stern, The Interpersonal World of the Infant (1985).

Quantum sciences also demonstrated that feeling is the innate ability to transform matter into energy. When I do not have the Power to choose Peace in each and every moment, I am stuck in an abstraction, going mental. This is when I create language as an artifact solely intended to serve an intellectual understanding (which is not what understanding is). My disconnect from the words I speak shows in the results of my communication: I can’t be heard! Should I desire to have a change of mind, I must find a way to drop borrowed knowledge, and kill all the Buddhas I meet on the road, until I have ♫ “nothing to kill or die for; And no religion too…”

I will then consciously choose to observe a dimension where I no longer limit freedom of expression, and where language is capable of rendering a world made sacred by the fusion of fluency and complexity.

WHY the “We” of Collective Harming?

BECAUSE I have been taught since early childhood to substitute thinking to feeling. Therefore, unless I am a prophet and/or a spelling bee kid who feels the life of the alphabet dancing in my blood, it is likely that I have made taboo at least one of the very words that express the soul of consciousness: “GOD, SIN, SEX, LAW, PAY, GAY and/or FAT.” 

As long as I allow for any of these constructs to be immune to questioning, I can’t stop running from the Mystery, or denying the Truth that I am creating IT all. I create “my” reality by what I choose, consciously or not, to observe. The choice to remain indoctrinated, however, is what causes me to suffer, as I am now acting out of obligation, and no longer of pleasure! It is how I keep me from being a prophet/ess and a child at heart; someone who has uncovered his or her own true nature, and is determined to live in accordance with it.

To reorient to being the “Captain of my soul,” I can begin to notice that these 7 English words all have 3 letters. As such, they are ideographic: their symbols alert me to a code by which to understand the nature of indoctrination, which gives me the option to choose autonomy.

Good grief: an exclamation of irritation, frustration, or surprise…

WHY the “I” of the Sense of Enough?

BECAUSE, while bringing forward Golden XPR can have huge implications for organizations in the fields of communication, religion, science, technology, politics, business, education and health, I must see for myself, whether I am the company’s CEO, its treasurer or its client, that I have come to my own “enough!” and have “♫ no need for greed or hunger…” 

In the field of all impossible possibilities, emPowering NOW LLC offers free resources, and fee resources. When applying to be a standing member of our school, I will be invited to deliberately decide on the nature of my investment in myself. I must now assess what is enough for me to give (timewise and moneywise), in order to receive the knowing that I am enough, and that I have the Power to remove the blocks to the full out creating of my soul’s vision.

When getting my number, and actually getting my number by being honest with my own motivations in engaging, the number I will give will be received as the perfect balance between too much and not enough, as it will be heard within and without as serving the good of all.

I am now ready to feel into this paradox: enlightenment will not happen because of my doing, and yet it won’t happen without my doing! While states, e.g.; dreaming or waking, are free and GIVEN, they can be easily lost, e.g.; the deep sleep state. It is only when I earn the stages of my evolution by paying the price of each stage that I open to RECEIVING that which was always GIVEN.

This evolutionary process is known as “redemption.”

Decisions, decisions…


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