About the Team

WHY me; what makes me a team member?

BECAUSE I am so willing to be response-able for what I choose to say and do, and so grateful for how much clearer my communication has become out of walking with Golden XPR that I am getting closer to my goal every day: to be at once here and not here, harvest the gold of “do no harm,” and succeed in my chosen creation. This QKabbalah, that is, this “receiving” is so transcendent that I live to share and transmit its light, if only by just being happy to be me! 

My name is Mahalene Louis, Maha for short.
I am a motivational listener with a hearing loss (I kid you not!).

My body was born in France, and my soul, in the USA. It is indeed when I came to America that I realized the existence of parallel worlds. Certainly, changing continents, and arriving in NYC without speaking a word of English was quite a cultural shock! Even stranger was to begin painting, to soon witness a gift that came completely out of the blue.

The difference between the multi-modal world I visited then, and my “normal” everyday world was so startling that I resolved to truly be an explorer, and go beyond the final frontier: the mind. I wanted to find a way by which I would know across board the same “expansive littleness” I knew when painting, while being at once here (focused), and not here (no severity). Since I was as destructive as I was creative, “my” life actually depended on the ability to suspend judgment and surrender to something greater, whether I was listening or speaking to family or friends (same), eating, exercising, dealing with money, etc.

This prayer for humility is how “I” increasingly became RAW (Ready-Able-Willing) to remove the blocks to letting Golden XPR express through me.

It is the willingness to listen as I’d navigate through the meanders of “my” insane resistance to hearing that made me a motivational listener with an understanding loss! Feeling my passion broke me open to receiving the biggest gift of all: to find that I had a voice, and, even better, that I was the Voice, as there is only One of us; One Voice, One Mind!

My name is Michael Wolf.
I am