About Us

The Mission of the Path of XPR (eXPiRe)

The Mission of XPR® is to reveal the inherent order in the chaos of knowledge. When I perceive that there is a universal code to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, the invisible and the visible merge, the hunger for LOVE is satiated, integrity is naturally embodied, and an aware civilization emerges.

The Mission of emPowering NOW

The Mission of emPowering NOW LLC is to bring forth the Path of XPR (eXPiRe) as a way to transition from a world mainly in GReed where Giving/Receiving communicates via fear, confusion and domination, to a world of GRace where our word flows freely from the silence and the sounds of LOVE.

About emPowering NOW LLC

emPowering NOW LLC is a futuristic training and human development firm providing content, lectures, coaching services, training and courses on integrity (the quality of being entire—100%). Think of us as a movement that presents and implements an utterly bold and provocative idea, an idea that has huge implications for individuals and organizations in the fields of religion, politics, business, communication, education and health. Our company offers radical solutions to the ongoing issues involving the sustainability of human resources.

Our XPR (eXPiRe) Advisors

 maha_pic1 My name is Mahalene Louis. You may wonder what my credentials are and how I came to be the author of the Path of XPR (eXPiRe). Truth be told: this work chose me; I didn’t choose it! As the story goes, I moved to America in my mid-twenties. At the time, I didn’t speak any English, which was tough as I was primarily a communicator at heart. I started painting, as a way to express myself. I noticed how blissful I was while painting: the torturing and usual judging of me was gone! No matter what I painted, I knew I could make no mistakes and always loved the result: I wasn’t doing it, it was doing me! This was heaven, and very different from the rest of my life which was hell! Looking for balance, I enrolled myself in a little synagogue, and spoke to God: “you got me! You speak to me through me by way of this gift, for which I am deeply grateful. Yet, unless I get the rest of my life to match the way I do Art, my work and its message of LOVE will never really bless anyone. Please show me the way to humility in the entirety of my life, just as you have in my art!” That is when I started hearing of this mission impossible: I would heal my mind by cracking the code of a global cosmology of awakening, which was hidden in the Hebrew of the Bible… This journey to the US – both the United States of A and the UnderStanding of the One of “US,” a journey which no amount of resistance could stop, began 36 years ago. I am/we are beginning “to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” I am saying “we are” as there is no way Jose that I could have done this without the trust and the support of the XPR family.
 michael_pic1 My name is Michael T. Wolf: I am a self-made philanthropist of a rare and different breed.  My love of humanity is expressed via my devotion to sharing this important art project called the Path of XPR (eXPiRe).  The way I can best learn and embody the material is to offer myself as a partner/teacher.  By doing so and trusting the process, I have been given the learning opportunities to increasingly understand and know myself in the mirror of “the other”.  I have learned to stay present, and trust that I am enough.  My work as an XPR advisor is one and the same with my life’s work which is to be a change agent and leader bringing forward a sensible solution for humanity/me to sustainably transition from greed to grace.
Verena_pic1 My name is Verena V. Aibel. Through the cutting-edge global cosmology known as the Path of XPR, I have experienced profound transformations in every area of life. My focus is no longer on what I can get or how to control others. Since I let go of attachments to outcomes, things, stories, my body, or even to the “this is good,” “this is bad” kind of thinking, I found the inner courage and vision to follow my heart. I am now marveling how the way is being cleared to take the next step into the future, being 100% certain (having 100% faith) that we are taken care of 100%! I have the privilege of empowering my own clients as we explore the world of the visible and invisible via XPR. What a blessing to guide others on their journey of transformation! My search is over. Maybe yours is too!