Dancing the SIX Steps

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Do you feel that way too? There are pairings of words that are just bizarre; odd couples, truly! Here is an example: “righteous anger.” It is as if we were to believe that there is something morally commendable about anger or that there are circumstances where getting angry can be virtuous. Who are we kidding? Moreover, just how peaceful does it feel to justify not being peaceful?

Here is another inconsonant pairing: “healthy competition.” Just like righteous anger, the expression seems to have passed the scrutiny of common sense. Healthy competition is said to focus on delivering a quality product and continuously looking for ways to improve it so that it’s better than the competitors. At first, it sounds good. Yet, to actually accomplish that, we would have to be beyond the search for love, approval and recognition. We would have to have no attachment to the outcome, be in pure service to humanity and have let go of any addiction to control. In brief, we would have to be fully enlightened: just how frequent is that occurrence in our humanity?

Thus what is called “healthy competition” is just competition, which is not necessarily healthy. And yet… What if there was a way to understand “healthy competition?” We would start by accepting that the indoctrination to be on top is likely to produce competition. We would then develop the willingness to consciously dive in the shadow, where to play out our desire to be right and best the other. Lastly, we would allow “the [XPR] family tumbler” to smooth out the stone of our Competition. The competing might still be painful; however, by deliberately witnessing it, we would eventually embrace it and transcend it. Now that’s healthy!
From there we would open to cooperation, the result of which would be two-fold: the individual would cultivate the rare flowering of genius and the collective would contribute to the emergence of an aware civilization. Not too shabby!

Why “cooperating?” Why not collaborating, which sounds more elegant? Cooperating focuses on the project– the “operation” – to be done by a team. It is different than collaborating, which focuses on the formation of the team working together to achieve something. The project that the New Essenes are cooperating on is the making of a Master Peace, and the harvesting of absolute being.

Moreover, that cooperation is under the auspices of playfulness: each time we get together, we have no clue what may happen. The more and more, we have a grand time together and really enjoy our togetherness. Yet there’s always the risk that the shadow side will win, and that the relating will be dark and rough! Yet even if that were to happen, we trust each other to eventually choose to do what LOVE does: we thus enter the game willingly and always end up being better people for it! The rules of that game are written as the SIX XPR Steps: therein is the last of the SIX Wheels of the Path of XPR.

Come play with us and learn to dance the SIX Steps: we will start at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday, and inquire on P46 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have downloaded the latest version). If you can join us live this time, great!  If not, you may always listen to the archive or join us for our other New Essene shows via Elevate the Soul radio. Logistics follow.

Until then and beyond, peace be with you,
Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heart of the emPowering NOW team.
ps. whether you are joining us live, or are listening to one of our archived meetings, we recommend that you download the New Essenes eBook and have it available to follow along.

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