Engaging is the space-time when to clarify the nature of my intentions.
Just contemplating the question has me smile: “young man, what is the nature of your intentions concerning my daughter?”

Engagement is when I buy the ring. Since the beginning of time, marriage has been a financial contract. It still is! This transaction has everything to do with emPowering the NOW, since dynamics of engagement are about Power (the word “dynamics” comes from Greek dynamis for “Power) within force. Therein is the meaning of “the Jewel is in the Lotus.”

So yes, it is a male/female and/or right brain/left brain inquiry, regardless of my gender. When considering to go to the next level in my relationship to myself, and take a next step on the path to Self-knowledge, here are a few considerations:

Do I accept that there is an end to the BS/Belief Systems, and thus a time when I move from pursuing to consummating?

While pursuing is lovely for a while, it is also quite frustrating to keep directing my will to meaning, pleasure, Power, happiness, justice – name it, and never get “the girl!” There is a point where will Power just does not work, as it is the level where I created the problem. The next level is when I stop trying to engage, and start trusting that I can actually engage!