Genealogy and Generativity

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On your mark, set? Go! We have this great vehicle – the Path of XPR, equipped with SIX Wheels of Power. We checked the pressure of the TWIN Mission this past Sunday, in its connection to Sentience. Now we are checking the Wheel of the TWIN QKode. That’s a major endeavor, as it secures two complimentary possibilities: to no longer be victim of our genealogy, and thus to be able to generate harmony. That’s the big “gene” stuff! If we are all are artists of life – all here to create, why do we have to encounter so many creative blocks on the way? Moreover, what’s LOVE (yep, uppercase included), what’s LOVE got to do with it?

Speaking of which, have you ever set your eyes on a goal that meant the world to you, e.g.; a fitness goal, a business, a relationship, to find out that, no matter how hard you try, you just couldn’t reach it? Challenging, isn’t it, to confront the idea that, of our own self, we cannot accomplish anything… What if we were all control addicts? What if the real goal was to let go and let “God” be the Creator, which would insure that the abuse, the criticism and the self-pity would stop? Once again, we are confronted with the issue of free will, since, in matter of Creation, every choice we make has consequences, for good or bad: just how free are you to have your preferred results?

Only Spirit can answer those questions, which may be how many cultures speak of a “Creator God.” Nietzsche adds more questions to our debate: now that we killed God, “how shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?” Here is how we answer the question as the New Essenes: we open to the possibility to feel beyond the label “God” and actually embody it, so that the choices we make could come to such a level of congruence that our own healer would be healed, which would handle our murderous tendencies. That’s what LOVE – the transmission of the FOUR-lettered Name, traditionally translated as “the LORD God” has to do with it!

Join us this Thursday as we take the first of four steps into inquiry on creative Power, while feeling into the deep truth of “when two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”  We will begin our meeting at 6PM CST / 7PM EST. Listen online, via SKYPE, follow us on Twitter. The call in number is (646) 564-9680 (listen or join in on the rich conversation). Let others know that they may always listen to the archive or join us live for our next New Essene show via EmpoweringNow radio as well, on Sundays at 11 AM CST / 12PM EST.

Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heART of the emPowering NOW Team

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