WHY the Global Paradox?

The conversation of a global solution starts in a paradox: since the world is a reflection of me, making a difference globally starts within. This shift in perspective also clarifies my quest: to lead my activism from the Power to choose Peace, and thus feel such a depth of silence that I can be Compassion, actively listening…

WHY Compassion?

BECAUSE compassion or the ability to “embrace my pain” (from Latin com-pati) opens the door to doing what it takes to heal a situation. 

Imagine the kindness of not having to impose my “shoulds” on you, we, IT or me, but to simply be present to what is, actively listening…

Listening means that I am open, vulnerable, even passive! I become like a womb and receive. The more I make room, the more I hear Nature speaks to me, not in words, but in signs… A butterfly crosses my path: what is the sign in this? While it has no meaning, it is still a wordless message.

Imagine now a language made of sacred signs… The more I’d feel it, the more I would understand in my blood that there is only One of us, and the more I would get out of the way. This is to say, I go meta, “beyond” the “not good enough” thought… Mostly, I am the change. I can wait for the path to be clear before my next word and action! Such embodiment of wisdom is utterly practical, as it diminishes the negative impact of cause and effect.

WHY One Language?

BECAUSE my mind is split in between at least two voices: one that gives me guidance, and tells me what to do, and the other that doesn’t want to do it! 

The choice to resist the voice of my intuition is what sources the illusion of separation. I am now disconnected from myself, from my heart’s desires, and from ALL, which is the same, since, ultimately, my dream is to build community. Soon, “the World” reflects my disarray, by giving me the proofs that there is a misalignment between what I say I want and what I have. Therein is the BS of my Belief System: I’m caught in a lie, and feeling like a fake! When, however, what I say I want is aligned to what I have, I am telling the Truth.

This feeling of being real, meaning what I say and saying what I mean, may just be the most delicious experience of all. Its resonance of goodness communicates, and joins hearts. This is what being of One Language is for the individual.

WHY a Meta-Language?

BECAUSE, if there is One story of pain (just like me, you have known loneliness, sadness and your fair share of anger. Just like me, you bleed, when pricked), there has to be One story to ending the pain. 

While a few awakened beings found a way to transition into another world (while still staying in their bodies), and while some of them dedicated their lives to tell us their own take on how to transmit wisdom, I am yet to find the door by which to sustain the consciousness they model.

For now, I am convinced that I am in charge of everything; a boss making things happen! I work hard for my money, so hard that I get burned out. I now swing to the opposite pole, and turn lazy! There are also the blessed and blissed times when I’m in the zone. I am not running, “IT” is running me. I am not gardening, “IT” is gardening me. I am not writing, “IT” is writing me. The ability to simultaneously be here and not here is Self-Knowledge. What I need is a language that would allow me to learn Self-Knowledge, just like I could learn math or vegan cooking! For a language to explain Self-Knowledge in such way that it can be learned, it would have to be transpersonal. It would have to be a Meta-language; a language that comes from “beyond.”

WHY Now?

BECAUSE I ache for authentic relating, and also BECAUSE I just need to look around… The extent of the global problem is now urging us, individually and collectively, to step into an authentic form of leadership, and be the change.
Moreover, we are now in the Information Age, which could make a difference…

The necessity to see the creation of One Language; One Speech (and “no religion too”) has become burning enough to mother its invention. Throughout history, many endeavored to fulfill this dream, each time being dismissed as idealists. Yet never had the need  been so bad that it turned to an inflamed itch! I itch to end the confusion that I am in, as I seem to be my own worst enemy, waging my own war, in the Name of my own religion, and fighting “you” for the pettiest causes, just to be right! If I could only hear that we are One, the noise would quiet down. I would complete my quest, and be done with hunger or greed. I would just live for today!

The Information Age (also known as the Digital Age) is the era when humanity shifts from traditional industry to an economy based on information computerization. The definition of what digital means (and thus, of what information means) continues to change over time as new technologies are launched. I’m curious: what is the definition of “information?”

Information: the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence.

Imagine… What if there was a nature-tongue that,  not only encrypted my DNA, but also made my intuition visible, giving me advanced data and analytics on where I am going unconscious, and allowing me to uncover a single, reliable insight and do so, in a fraction of a second? And here is what it looks like…

The GR-Code (see Resources) holds all sorts of treasures on how to transition from “GReed,” as the Giving/Receiving of fear, to GRace, the Giving/Receiving of love…

♫ This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius… Age of Aquarius…”

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