Going Global

The idea of an alternative society where we recognize each other as sisters and brothers is increasingly beckoning us. Community only makes sense, as living independently from existence can’t be done! You and I are interdependently connected, whether we sense it or not.

Since everything depends on everything else, how do we shift from attempting to establish order by way of domination, to feeling the respect that salutes the divine in everyone and everything, including in chaos? How do we feel in our blood that nobody is lower and nobody is higher, and that existence is an eternal love affair?

Here is the thing: there is no individual enlightenment. All individuals are joined together with the whole. Therefore, any proposed solution must be a “SOULution,” a way imbued with the Power to touch the SOUL of every being, and, at the least, of every being sincerely desiring to be free.

Understanding is attained by way of an inquiry that is radical and universal, as it is based on Sacred Geometry, whose natural elegance transmits the order that is inherent to chaos.

Choosing Peace is the step beyond Understanding. It is the ability to wait for the path to be clear (that is, for the order to be given), before our next word and action.

emPowering the NOW is the active listening that says “ROGER that,”  (Received Order Given), and the compassion that follows the Order to heal a situation. My Expecting different Results now is no longer insanity; it is Wisdom.

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.