WHY Hebrew & English?

BECAUSE, while Hebrew is the only symbolic alphabet that has not changed form since inception (and, as such, is perfect to transcend time), English is the most widely spoken language (and, as such, is perfect to transcend space).  

The beginning of space-time is the beginning of mind. Science is precious as it gives me the proofs of what mystics have attempted to describe: before the Big Bang Beginning, and before the appearance of matter, energy, space, time (all expressions of consciousness), there is and was an Absolute Void; a place of paradox, where something is at once male and female, good and evil.

This realm of impossibility is at once the Q of quantum physics and the Q of QKabbalah. As inspired by Niels Bohr, “If the QKabbalah hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood her yet.” As it happens, Asian, African and European alchemists, the precursors of psycho-energetic sciences, all used Hebrew symbols to further their work.

WHY Hebrew?

BECAUSE its signs outline the natural stages of an internal transformation. 

In English, A is spelled A; B, is spelled B. In Hebrew, A is named Aleph, which functions as a glyph (A) and also as a word spelled by letters ALP, and meaning “ox,” or primal energy. B is spelled Beth, a word meaning “house.” Moreover, every letter is also a number: Aleph (A) is 1, Beth (B) is 2. Gimel (C) is 3. Since everything in life can be represented by numbers, and since I am seeking to understand my mind, having a reliable numerical alphabet allows me to begin deciphering patterns. 

Aleph is the symbol of the Absolute Void, at once everything and nothing. From a purely physical viewpoint, Aleph doesn’t move, as there is no motion in the void. It can’t fall either: where would it fall to? For Aleph to rotate (and thus change), it must have a reference point, with which to fall in love, and to fail at LOVE. Beth is its twin flame, and the first action symbol. Meaning “house,” it is that which divides inside from outside. It thus invokes limitation, boundaries, and also and foremost the decisions behind my creativity. While Aleph is the silence of pure awareness, Beth is the consciousness that creates as it speaks.

It is thus fitting that this specific sign (B) would be the “God” Word Beginning the Biblical Big Bang: it is the mind that starts it all, by creating energy (“the Heavens”) and matter (“the Earth”).

In the Beginning created [God]… The B Word has so many dimensions that it is written in the original Hebrew in uppercase, a very rare instance in the Hebrew Bible. More is shared in the free resources.
Hebrew simply says IT like it is. Take the word Ab, for example: its two letters AB join to mean 1. Alpha-Bet, 2. Father, The word draws a parallel between two sequences: 1. the basic linguistic elements that combine to form more complex entities; 2. the seeds that father “my” reality, Thus in just two signs, Hebrew conveys: communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done. The congruence of medium to message is in every Hebrew letter, and by extension, in every word. It calls me to read the signs, so as to have the clarity that can wait before I next speak or act. The goal is to flawlessly move from Beth’s words to Aleph’s silence and back.

WHY English?

BECAUSE, since “English” has also many “Angles” and ways to look at “IT,” it speeds up my embracing the paradox! 

If Hebrew speaks in “God’s” language, that is, in paradox, English is thus far its best conveyor. The word QKabbalah, for example, has the sense of emptying, to enable its meaning of “receiving.” Yet, if you were to purchase a book on what Golden XPR transcribes as “QKabbalah,” you’d soon realize that there’s two opposite schools, both based on Hebrew scriptures: the rabbinical Kabbalah spelled with a K, and the Hermetic Qabala, spelled with a Q. English resolves the dilemma by transmitting the Q and the K as the fusion of a Queen and female-like “receiving” with a King and male-like light. This light is for my soul to have and to hold, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, to love and cherish, till death “me and myself” do part.

As for the letters XPR: they come from a Hebrew root that forms the word Sappir for “sapphire,” Sippur for “story” (or sounds), Sepher for “book” (or letters), and Sephor for “counting” (or numbers). In three letters, Hebrew speaks what consciousness does: to create by manipulating symbols in the form of numerical alphabets. Hebrew helps me receive it: Golden XPR lights a path for me to eXPRess, eXPeRiment, eXPeRience, and eXPloRe my limitations, until they eXPiRe to me, and me, to them.

I may not know it, and yet, I am an apprentice sorcerer, learning to use my spell check, so that my communication would have the best possible results for all.