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These complimentary resources are for you, especially when:

  • You have downloaded and used our eXPiRe Tarot iPhone or Android App and you want to learn more about the Path of eXPiRe.  Mobile app | here
  • You like what you felt and heard during one of our gatherings and would like to know more about the design and/or the essence of the Path of XPR (eXPiRe).
  • You are interested in how language is where our Power lives, and thus in what consciousness does, which is to manipulate symbols in the form of letters, numbers and sounds.
  • You may not be quite ready to interact with us directly.

 Our free resources include:

  • THE END ebook (forthcoming)
  • Hear/SEE ebook (forthcoming)
  • The Book of Awakening – A call to notice the signs of the time | here
  • Golden XPR – The design of the Path of XPR (eXPiRe)  | here.

 About each resource:

  • THE END ebook (forthcoming): can you feel how painting is a kind of poetry that makes the unseen visible? Can you also feel how poetry is a kind of painting that makes the unheard audible? Now imagine merging both media into a consciousness primer, to open a multi-modal space in which something is allowed to change… Such love is how this eBook is impossible to dismiss as another spiritual book! It is alive, so candid and provocative in its persuasion that it makes the path of which it speaks – “eXPiRe” – highly believable! Its “masterPeace” is so viral it will inspire you, as it did me, to begin exploring why or how we don’t want to become empowered.
  • Hear/SEE ebook (forthcoming): building on THE END, this work of “heART” deepens the sense of eXPiRe, and the sentience of a quantum language that only needs One Word to make our inner Voice visible, and our outer Voice so crystal clear that we are heard and seen. That 3-lettered word is so big it is at the core of all religions. When it is heard and seen (or felt), we understand that which has been with us from the beginning, and is found at THE END of desires. Such find allows the “I” and eye of our observer to let go of its attachment to false sense impressions, and to be able to shift focus from ‘Scare City’ on to ‘the Land of Milk and Money.’
  • The Book of Awakening – What is reality? Are we dreaming it all? Every once in a while, we feel so clear about who we are and what we’re here to do. However, the blissful lucidity always seems to pass… Were we hallucinating? The Book of Awakening spurs us to reading the signs of the Hebrew of the Bible as both the poison and the cure: they can at once induce societal hypnosis and end the trance. Once decoded as a cross-cultural language, the symbols allow us to wake up from the projection of an out there out there. We can now stop giving our Power away to the other. Warning: this is very real!  :-).  eBook available | here.
  • Golden XPR: This document offers an overview of the different courses a student will experience, while an active participant in the PaRaDiSe Mystery School. Geometrical in essence, this little booklet on the Path of XPR is invoked by the Golden Ratio, also known as the divine proportion. By conveying the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency, Golden XPR reveals a perfect design for a course aiming to the receiving of wisdom and thus of authentic communication.  Download document | here.

On the note of “Guided Discussions:” we have archived a number of recordings available for streaming or download via BlogTalk Radio channels of emPowering NOW. Many of them are also accessible vial the newsletters which are included in the blog area of our site.