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Page 7 Download or listen to the New Essenes radio show for this blog topic | here.

Page 8 Download or listen to the New Essenes radio show for this blog topic | here.

We trust this message finds you enjoying the season! In the spirit of celebration for the transition to come. We have been quite busy preparing many gifts for you – actually, for all of us. Without further ado, we are pleased to share several exciting announcements: first, a brand-new New Essenes ebook, a writing that has come into its own voice, and second, for those of you who live in the Austin / Central Texas area, a live New Essenes workshop on January 13th (see blue box below for details), and third, a very real way to “Elevate the Soul.”

So, yes, the New Essenes ebook has shed a skin, and come into a new resonance. As much as some of its pages are familiar, it offers a new organization – a new way to look at “IT,” the Living Word that is more perceptible, more loving, more logical. Its transformation is our transformation. Its newfound lightness is our new found lightness, its clarity (or the lack of it) is also ours, as we are the Living Word, whether we know it or not.

Yes, finding our voice is of the Essene/Essence, a theme which will be the basis of our inquiry on this coming Sunday. How delicious is it truly to hear the Voice telling me what to do, to actually do it, and to have my results? When I am a daughter of the Voice – rather than a doubter of it – I feel like I belong. I am home sweet OM, in my heart, within my habitat! I mean what I say and say what I mean. That is quite a gift, and quite a celebration!

And there is more! Simultaneous to the birth of the divine New Essenes child and of our upcoming live workshop, we are also pleased to announce the deepening of our partnership with Emilio Williams and Elevate the Soul radio. Practically speaking, this means that the Thursday recorded New Essenes broadcasts will also be available via the emPowering NOW Radio channel. Also, vice versa, our regular SundayemPowering NOW New Essenes meetings will be broadcast and archived on Elevate the Soul. This shift will make it easier for both online audiences to more easily access the information as we begin a brand new sequential exploration of the New Essenes.

Should you like to join the festivities and explore the QKabbalah of “receiving” your light, please join us for our upcoming meeting. We will start at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday and explore “Language and Habitat”  page 8 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have downloaded the latest version). If you can join us live this time, great!  If not, you may always listen to the archive or join us for our other New Essene shows via Elevate the Soul radio. Logistics follow.

Until then and beyond, peace be with you,

Maha, Michael & the emPowering NOW team