Names of Power

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“God:” has there ever been a three-letter word that simultaneously holds diametrically opposite meanings? For some people, it equates a benevolent force that is loving and generous; for others, it is a punishing power, out to get revenge! Soon “God” becomes a Santa Klaus figure, who keeps a running count of our good and bad deeds to determine just how much toys we’re gonna get or whether we’re going to heaven or hell!

All these visions have something in common: they all are the perspectives of a child who refuses to be accountable for his or her own creations, and needs to put the blame on someone out there! “I didn’t do it!” said the child, caught with the hand in the cookie jar: someone has to be responsible for the mess I am in, and it certainly ain’t going to be me!

Here is what is so disturbing: not only the word “God” means the world and nothing, but also its languaging is by way of paradox: what is big is small, and what small is big; what is safe is in fact scary; what is scary is where I am safe! The whole “God” trip is all about inverting myself time and again, until I can take back my projections, and feel the truth of “as above, so below; as within, so without!” When I do, I finally relate to “let go and let God.”

If trying (deceptiveness intended) to trace the origin of “let go and let God” in the Bible, you will find parallels in the Psalms or the Prophets, but not a direct quote. Yet, letting go is the goal of ALL spiritual traditions, period. If, however, you were given the codes rather than just the parables, you would see that the two letters at the exact core of the Hebrew alphabet have for direct meaning “let go!”

This is where Hebrew and English are truly a marriage made in heaven! There is, after all, more than an abstraction in English word “God,” something greater than the sum of the parts – greater than a label: “God” is the constant invitation to let “Go!” Here are some synonymous: to forgive, to detach, to die to who we think we are, to purify and carve out the ego marble until we set the angel free… to go!

Ego doesn’t like that simplicity. If it were to adopt it, it would be the end of making life complicated: we would actually live, out of no longer fearing death! Moreover, ego doesn’t like to say what it means and mean what it says… So, it pretends that language is dead. Yet in that pretense, it is not only the life of language that it smothers, but also the life of “God!”

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Until then and beyond, peace be with you,
Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heart of the emPowering NOW team.
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