New Essenes – Full Response-Ability

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“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.” Thomas Kempis

Consider: the building I am constructing is my temple in which I welcome and embrace the circumstances of (my) life—my “lot.” The Power to choose Peace, and to be happy and fulfilled no matter what happens to me, is dependent upon how solid and deep my foundation is. When my mind rests upon principles that are in accord with nature, I am likely to sustain the sense of enough from which arises the authentic experience of a life well-lived and of a life well-died (as in well-transformed).

To assist this “building project”, our past few New Essenes meetings introduced the foundational tools of XPR: we began with the FOUR Forces, and continued with the first two of the FOUR Motions. This upcoming Sunday be an exploration of the 3rd Motion which states:

  • FULL Response-ability: the more sensible motions 1 and 2 are to me, the more I become willing to take FULL responsibility for the part(s) of me that are still invested in [not] communicating separation.

As a reminder, Motions 1 and 2 were as follows:

  1. Self-Knowledge: understanding intellectually that I am One is a great beginning. Understanding it experientially, and thus sustainably embodying that knowing, is life’s ultimate goal—a “time” when all notion of goals and all planning disappears.
  2. The Power to Transform: ALL complaints in the physical world stem from split beliefs (body follows mind, as long there is a mind to follow). When the mind awakens from the DREaM of duality, the conspiracy of ignorance stops, and I can feel again. I then turn within to hear what LOVE wills, and surprisingly find the Power to transform.

So what is the truth? Am I totally enjoying who I am, bathing in a pool of gratitude and having no complaints whatsoever? Or do I find myself wishing, at times, for the Power to Transform a few things? Reaching my desired goals can be helped by realizing that there is a difference between that which I want to communicate and that which I actually communicate. For example, my words may say that I am ready for a relationship, while my tone of voice denies it. Taking full response-ability is both an act of Self-Knowledge and the Power to Transform as it allows me to recognize my ambivalences as the split parts of me that either

  • communicate separation or
  • block out the communication of separation.

We will begin our exploration and meeting at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday.  If you can join us live, great!  If not, you can always listen to the archive or join us live for our other New Essene shows via Elevate the Soul radio.

Included below is our meeting information,logistics and access additional complimentary methods to learn more about XPR. Until then, peace be with you.

Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

ps. Don’t forget, whether you are joining us live, or are listening to one of our archived meetings, we highly recommend that you download the New Essenes eBook and have it available to follow along.