“Next Gen” Mystery School

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Welcome to 2014! We trust that your holiday season was peaceful and filled with joy. As we ramp up for this New Year, we are looking forward to receiving TINA’s Epiphany, and eventually, to share it with you. Our virtual workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 18th. Logistics can be found  | here.

TINA’s Epiphany has much to do with our readiness to receive gifts that we normally ignore. It is also the entry into our Mystery School, and thus a perfect transition from our last meetings, when we discussed how individual secrets go hand-in-hand with collective secrets. Secrets are how we try very hard to control what may happen, in other words, the Mystery! This is where mystery schools come in…

In the days of old, the purpose they served was to teach the aspirant how to use his/her faculties more intelligently, to be patient in the face of adversity, to be courageous when confronted by danger, to be true in the midst of temptation. In essence, they supported the training of leaders during times of great turmoil, and assisted them to turn within, to transcend the pressures of the world to anchor the embodiment of integrity.

Today, the very idea of a mystery school is radical! Moreover, that its revelations, once experienced, would give anyone who really wanted it the Power to transform sounds unbelievable, perhaps even sacrilegious or, at a minimum, just plain weird. It may conjure up images of people in pointed hats, sitting around a boiling cauldron and uttering obscure incantations in order to convert lead into gold. Such tainted images substantiates the bad press and the fears evoked by mysticism. It also robs it from its reason of being, which is to direct our attention from the smoke screen to the essence, in order to not be “mist-taken.” As we turn on the light on the path, we know where to walk: it is that simple! Far from being shrouded in secrecy, our practices align to the global light enabled by modern technology: we use the public internet to share information, computers to design, view and learn from eBooks, telephone bridge lines to hear and convey our voices beyond frontiers.

Our pioneers report experiencing increasing levels of peace and understanding, from glimpsing into the Mystery, i.e.; into their own Self! This is the exact and only medicine to cure the ills of the “world,” by sustaining the realization that there is nothing outside of us. What is required?  Just a sincere desire to stop suffering, and to transition from greed into grace!

Join us this week as we will discuss the PaRaDiSe Mystery School as one of the purest gifts to have potentially ever touched our planet. We will begin our meeting at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday and explore page 40 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have download the latest version). If you can join us live this time, great!  If not, you may always listen to the archive or join us live for our next New Essene show via Elevate the Soul radio.

Included below is our meeting information, logistics and access to additional complimentary methods to learn more about XPR. Until then, peace be with you.

Maha, Michael & the emPowering NOW team