WHY Power & Force?

BECAUSE, every once in a while, I need to be reminded of who I really Am. So “God” and/or Netflix sends me a superhero to inspire me to vanquish dark Powers, and to know that the Force is with me in this “Princess-process!” 

Here is my challenge: to save the Princess from the dungeon in which she is jailed, I must be “Prince enough” to know my superpower, and face the dragons that block my way. Only then will I be able to be with my beloved. Yet how can I come into that much valiance when I am myself entrapped in the jail of the material world?

For eons, the interpretation of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic scriptures has worked to split spirit and matter. The message is as consistent as it is pervasive: the denigration of matter is linked to an Eve/Evil, whose sinful nature leads her to be seduced by the serpent. On the other hand, Spirit is the ideal that I am sworn to attain, as a heavenly light delivers me from a dark Earth! I’m told I shouldn’t envy or be angry, that the love of money is the root of all evils, and that I ought to be good at repressing my instincts, so as to deserve the rewards of the world-to-come!

Only then, I hope, the Father’s punishing voice will stop undercutting my Power with a stern “no good!” Yet no one is judging me but myself! These projections split me from the center of my authenticity, making me vulnerable to the “either or” of an addict. Whether I lose my Power to family, food, work, sex or to wanting to be right, it is the Devil who made me do it!

Speaking of “Scriptures,” I didn’t know that the word “matter” came from Latin mater for “1. mother, 2. matter,” or that the word “Devil” was sourced in Greek diabellein for “to throw across, to project.” As for the word “Eve,” I had no clue that the moment (Gen. 3:20), when the woman was named “Eve” marks the shift from the Eternal NOW to what is known in Sanskrit as Samsara: the cycle of births and deaths that binds me to the material world. Yep!  

WHY the Formidable Force of the Feminine

BECAUSE rescuing the damsel in distress is to meet within the languid, voluptuous, dallying, amorous, dark, bossy and even lewd goddess who invites me to interact with her, and play at holding the tension between opposites, the result of which being to see “God” expressed as Matter.

It is this very belief – I am separate from “God” – that confuses my giving and receiving, and prompts my entry into “$care City.” Deeply entrenched in a religious framework molded by hostile thoughts about “the world,” I can only perceive that it’s  a jungle out there… Fear now leads me to the false evidence appearing real of a clockwork universe, which I must control and dominate. This is how I abuse and misuse Power, and rarely feel that the Force is with me!

I am now defined by my addiction, only caring for my own emotional needs. While I sing the song of the ego, ♫ looking for love in ALL the wrong places, I am not only lonely and feeling disconnected, I’m also having intriguing bandwidth problems: I can’t have what I say I want and need!

To remove the blocks to receiving, I must ask a big question: where do I come from? What is the origin of the World? Was I created by a purposeful intelligence, or am I merely the result of countless cosmic accidents? The debate is often said to oppose religion and science, with creationists being religious, and evolutionists, scientists.

There is a third option besides simultaneous creation (or causality) and gradual creation (or evolution): it is the theory of non-causality, which reconciles all differences, as it is present in the Vedas, in the Talmud, and in modern science. It states that ALL is already here, created. To feel it, and shift from seeing it as a theory, I must go through a tiny mental stretch…

This quantum jump is how prophets pass over the dilemma that entertains creationists and evolutionists. They are visionary enough to answer the BIG questions, especially “who am I,” thereby ending the dream of an “out there,” and its ensuing illusion of separation. They make sense of the “God” label, embody it, and get to the Kingdom within, thereby ending materialism by merging the seen and the unseen: no more bandwidth problems! They instead come into the Power to multiply bread and/or walk on water: they simply heal the SEEK!

What the QKabbalah do I (k)now?!#&?