Power Mystery

Power is a mystery, and even potentially, the mystery. Here is what I mean: if attracting a goal comes out of being so focused that I do not allow any doubt to enter my mind, then working at disciplining my attention seems like the next logical step.

Yet is disciplining my attention itself a delusion? I may recognize through my many attempts to meditate how primitive it is to use my will Power to quiet my mind. It seems as if my attempts to control and dominate anything, be it my thoughts, you or the “world,” are futile.  WHY can’t I just be still and know?

The question soon brings me to the foundation of authentic Power: the admission of my Powerlessness! I can’t make “IT” happen, even when my life depends on it (and it does)!

The deeper I go in my inquiry,
the smaller I get, and the more dynamic I become.

Humility is the antidote for misusing Power and/or for being corrupted by it, whether it looks like prestige, wealth, knowledge, charms, or talents. It is also the “Faith wormhole” that connects distant versions of me instantaneously.

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.