QKabbalah at the Movies is free flow… Among titles, I may enjoy:

  • It’s A B-Ginning: an array of thought-provoking images, sounds and words on space, time and mind.
  • The “PAIRfect” Destiny of AT-CG: when Hebrew’s most crucial signs are the exact letters representing Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine, to trace a path that allows me to no longer be a victim of my genes.
  • Golden XPR: a rich idea whose time has come.

The Resources below cooperate to transmit a satisfying sense of Golden XPR’s universal code. As such, they receiving is ordered alphabetically, as in the following A, B, C… And yet, whose plan is it, anyway?

  • A: Cracking the GR-Code (Episode 3) eases creativity by straddling both perceptions of time (linear and Now). As such, it is also the convergence of classical and modern science via the first letter of the first word of the first chapter of THE best selling book of all ages: the Bible, more specifically the Torah (the Five Books of Moses in Hebrew).
  • B: The Genesis Pattern emanates from the original matrix. Just like a fractal in nature makes it possible to comprehend the patterns of dynamically changing systems, the fractals of XPR keep on rearranging its core matrix into self-similar configurations, making it possible for me to start understanding my own patterning (my WHYS).
  • C: The Book of UnderStanding decodes the story of Adam #1 (Gen. 1) and Adam #2 (Gen. 2), to shed light on the two ways to create (my) reality:
    1. I am primary: I say “let there be light,” and instantaneously witness a perfect alignment between what I say I want and what I actually have.
    2. I am secondary: I say “let there be light,” and I doubt myself. I don’t know that I have that much Power. I feel disconnected, not enough, undeserving!