Sex & the Mouth Chakra

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Sex, as in “what gender are you?” is defined as the sum of characteristics that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive function. Another definition of sex, the one that the one-track mind loves focusing on, is, of course, a “having” of sexual intercourse. We may have a consensus that, throughout history, sex has been and continues to be a highly charged topic, literally so. Many even offer that sex, being at the root of all problems, would therefore logically be the solution to the same problems. No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live, or what your persuasion may be, sex is likely to be part of your regular thinking processes in one form or another.

The word itself – just three little letters – are shrouded in such powerful taboo it is difficult to even feel what sex is, let alone, being it, doing it and/or having it! Could an inquiry on the metaphysics of sex offer the possibility for a very profound (pun intended) and also physical sexual healing, both individually and collectively? Looking at our Earth, it is clear that a patriarchal indoctrination has seized the sacred feminine, and replaced Her with a male “God” – another three-lettered word and another BIG taboo! Yet, as long as the goddess is in exile in both men and women, how in the world can our lovemaking be harmonious and even generate the birth of more love? Impossible! No wonder the mind would fixate on sex (or on substitutes, e.g. food), when not having a vessel – a feminine goddess – in which to receive the light of “God,” the male component of life. As a reminder, Hebrew word QKabbalah means “receiving:” the New Essenes are committed to make the femininity of the word sensible, by embodying what mystics call “the Sacred Marriage,” when the male and female parts of the Self live in cosmic (QKosmic) harmony, and in factual embrace: isn’t that what good “sex” is all about?

There is another Hebrew word that is essential is bringing forward the emotional understanding that opens the door to such embodiment: the word is Daath. Unbeknownst to many, we all relate to this word through what we call “biblical knowledge,” a knowledge that has a clear sexual quality to it: “and Adam knew his wife…” The word first appears in Gen. 2:9: “And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the Tree of Life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Those of us that are students of Hinduism have heard of the Yogic Tree of Life, and of its seven chakras or subtle centers. Yet, it is less known that the entirety of the Five Books of Moses are held to be a Tree of Life, also organized around seven rungs of subtle centers! If there are two Trees, what does Life have to do with the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

EVERYTHING is the answer, especially since “Life” is the name given to Adam’s wife: she is the Mother of the Living, named as such and “sentenced” to suffer while giving birth after the “Eve/Evil” part of her dared eating from the Sex Tree – the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! Prior to that, the couple was naked, and that had no shame! There may be, after all, a way out of the body of shame, into the body of light – where to know and enjoy sex not just with another person, but with the whole of life. That experience is termed in Hebrew Daath Gadolah and Sanskrit Mahamudra for the “Great Orgasm.” It reflects the wisdom teachings of the most advanced tantric practices – that recognize THE most potent magnets for truth in the joining of mouth and sex!

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