The Mouth Chakra

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We knew it as a child – right from the start: it’s all about the mouth! We didn’t even need to learn how to suck: we just did it instinctively, as soon as something vaguely resembling a nipple was put into our mouth… Mouth and survival, mouth and nourishment, mouth and pleasure: we could “grok” that, no doubt! One more thing we organically understood: mouth and knowledge! That’s how we related to the world: to recognize an object, be it a stone, a leaf, a toy or a bug, we put it in our mouth. We “kissed” our way through life, tasting its shapes, sensations, textures and temperatures. Here is what we didn’t know: we were preparing for the complex demands of eating and speaking.

Time passes: whereas we realized that, if we cried long enough, someone would actually come to attend to our needs, we now went beyond articulating sounds: we started uttering words, to the great joy of mommy and daddy – especially as those words were “mommy and daddy!” That was amazing! Imagine: if we could make these two giants happy with just two words, what would it be with a whole discourse? We were now well on our way to delivering an address…

More time passes: we are now an adolescent or an adult, and like most humans, we have been abused, and, as a result, have felt lonely, sad, ashamed, fearful, angry… For this perception to take root – that someone abused us by doing something that we would spend a long time forgiving (if we were ever so lucky), something else had to happen: we had to forget that our soul once consciously decided to take on a particular area of darkness on which to turn on the light! That “forgetfulness” is how we are now so drawn to the healing arts; that’s how we became interested in ancient skills such as massage or aromatherapy; that’s how we changed our vocabulary to include words such as “psyche, chakras, enlightenment;” that’s how we try so hard to wake up from a dream that has us feel like we’re not free to be who we are – a spiritual being having a human experience!

And here is the kicker: even if we’re blessed enough to speak a foreign language that can’t but give us a different perspective on life, and even if we know that SanskritAnahata for “unhurt” is the name of the heart chakra, we forgot all about the mouth chakra… And yet; whereas it literally flew away from the Hindu Tree of Life, it left traces on the Hebrew Tree of Life, which has always been an exact mirror to its Hindu brother!

♫ “Midnight / Not a sound from the pavement / Has the moon lost her memory / She is smiling alone…” Ahh to re-member how freedom is intimately connected to the mouth chakra… Yet think of it: if it weren’t, would we try to numb our feelings by compulsively eating alcohol, smoke, drugs or foods? Would we attempt to recreate the magic of the first kiss by securing a moment of connection into a “relationship?” And if we didn’t know somehow that language if were our Power is, would we judge ourselves for the results of our communication, after we said the wrong thing at the wrong time?

An ancient story is told in the Talmud… When we were still in the uterus, an angel taught us the Torah for “the Way, the Wisdom Teaching.” However when we were born to the “world,” the same angel touched us just above the lips (thus the vertical groove between the upper lip and the nose), and we forgot everything that we had known, starting with the mouth chakra, whose Hebrew name, Daath, means “knowledge…” The name of this angel? Lailah for the “night…”

Join us this Thursday as we trigger our lunar memory of Self-knowledge and awaken from the “night” of our collective unconscious… Join us as we feel into the deep truth of “when two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  We will begin our meeting at 6PM CST / 7PM EST. Listen online, via SKYPE, follow us on Twitter. The call in number is (646) 564-9680 (listen or join in on the rich conversation). Let others know that they may always listen to the archive or join us live for our next New Essene show via EmpoweringNow radio as well, on Sundays at 11 AM CST / 12PM EST.

One, LOVE ~ The Essene Family

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