The New Essenes – Death, inquiry & surrender

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… death, surrender and inquiry

Greetings!  We trust this message finds you well today.

This past week, two of my friends passed away. The first was a long-time family friend and mother of one of my childhood classmates. She was in and out of the hospital for an extended time. The other was a vibrant father and successful technology executive who, from what I can tell, died quickly and unexpectedly. For different reasons, I am deeply touched, grateful for and blessed by these two beautiful souls.

We respectfully honor them, and the countless others who have passed, as we transition this conversation and look a little closer at a highly misunderstood topic: Death.

There was a time in my life when I feared death.  I can thankfully say this is no longer the case. In part, this is due to a curious set of questions that were implanted in my consciousness in 2003.  At that time, I was newly introduced and eagerly studied the 12 Steps of AA. As part of my unfolding, I was encouraged to memorize the 11th step prayer which is the St. Francis prayer. Doing so was a very humbling and powerful experience. While most of the prayer was easily understandable, with great advice for anyone looking for a better life, the ending was an enigma. It was the last line of this famous prayer that puzzled me the most  “It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life”.  This sentence sparked many questions and a deep inquiry on the topic of death:

  • Does the body have to die before I awaken to eternal life?
  • If so, how do I live my life when I believe that I have to wait for the body to die before experiencing bliss?
  • Given what I had been learning about the nature of “time” being a construct of the “ego mind”, and as such, an illusion, why am I postponing eternity into the future?

The simplest way I could begin to resolve these questions was to continue to deepen my inner work and slowly but surely resolve that my false self (pain body, ego, etc) is really what needs to painstakingly die.

I concluded that the only way to truly achieve the goal of ego death is to consciously agree to go all of the way. 100%. Only this level of commitment could/would afford the possibly to be fully awake to Eternal Life, sustainably in the now. In staying on the path, it became clear that many of our society’s collective beliefs are rooted in a misunderstanding of death and of variety of scriptural mis-translations on this topic.

Would you like to learn more? Come join us in our next New Essenes meeting as we discuss XPR Simplicity and inquire on the relationship of death to the tools of inquiry, surrender and the Path of XPR.

Included below is our meeting information and logistics. Until then, peace be with you.

Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

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