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… elemental, dear Watson

Greetings!  We trust this message finds you well today.

A few years back, a good friend of mine named Johnny gave me a set of Tattva cards. He had just ordered them by accident—or so he said, and thought I would be interested in them. I was. Tattva is a Sanskrit word that can be rendered as “thatness, reality, truth, isness, principle.” Indian schools of philosophy think of a tattva as an element or aspect of reality enabled and conceived by a form of deity. These cards were my first exposure to learning about the metaphysical aspects of element theory, a study that would never let go of me.

The cards are beautifully designed with a black background and brightly colored shapes, each representing one of the 5 elements according to the Vedic system and connecting them to a geometric form of nature (ether as eclipse, air as circle, fire as triangle, water as half-moon, earth as square). The premise of the book that accompanied the cards was that understanding the elements and their relationship to geometry would grant an understand of the self, and of our place in the universe, as the universe is/was comprised of these elements and of these nature-shapes.

I must admit, I was a complete dunce on the topic at that time. Sure, as a kid I used Fire to help my dad burn the trash, and yes, I was acquainted with water as I have done whole lot of swimming. Certainly I have always known that I lived on Earth, but beyond that, I do not recall ever having had any need or desire to sit down and really contemplate the elements. I would venture to say that I may not be unique in dealing with that predicament.

From Indian mysticism and the tattvas, I extended my studies to other systems. I was next introduced to the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood). Hmmmmm… Although both systems had five energies, why were the Chinese five elements different from the Hindu five tattvas? Next, I studied the four classical elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) from the Judeo-Christian tradition, which are the basis of the Native American tradition (many shamans identifying to the lost thirteen tribe of Israel). Why four? Why not five? As a matter of fact, SIX would seem the all-encompassing number!

So even before I knew about the global cosmology of the Path of XPR, I had already noticed that there were several systems, with different attributions and definitions. Confusing! How can the study of elements be real with so much divergence? For example, why don’t the Hindu’s recognize Wood as an element?  Why don’t the Taoists recognize Ether as an element?  Why would Judaism ignore Ether and Wood? These disparities brought out the big question for me.

Basically, if the elements are truly elemental (primary), then where is the global reconciliation and common perspective that can unite and yet still honor each elemental system’s uniqueness? My world (or so it seemed to me at the time) was really suffering from an inability to get along with myself and others and to find my place in the cosmos. I had the sense that, once again, I was not the only one to suffer from that story of pain. Now, if I could understand at an essential elemental level that we are all one, would that make a difference?

These questions led me to the Path of XPR, which allowed me to come to full understanding and to Peace! It is really elemental, dear Watson, once you crack the code! Join us the upcoming Saturday for our next New Essenes meeting where we will discuss this matter on page 13 of the New Essenes eBook.

Included below is our meeting information,logistics and access to 2 additional complimentary methods to learn more about XPR.  Until then, peace be with you.

Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

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