The New Essenes – Humility & Enough

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… humility and enough

Greetings!  We trust this message finds you well today.

Our last New Essenes meeting explored the decision for totality.   It was a deeply moving and powerful conversation.  We discussed the definition, the benefits and some of the common objections that stand in the way of making an uncompromising commitment to totality (self knowledge, enlightenment, integrity). This discussion (here) sets the stage for what we will cover this upcoming Sunday when we will be looking at page 33 of The New Essenes eBook entitled Humility and Enough.

Do we need humility to come to the Sense of Enough? (in other words, to know myself as unlimited, while being able to speak the clear boundary of an honest “no/yes”)? Bring to mind the leaders, role models and teachers that have most touched and inspired you throughout your life…now make a list of qualities you feel they embody… might humility be somewhere in the top 10? Now consider the development of the visionary which aspires to speak through you.  To what degree would your effectiveness be increased and your leadership, blossom, if you were fully able to access the medium of humility?

Humility is a powerful gift, as it replaces longing and its implied neediness: that is how it connects to the sense of enough! It is in the measure to which I accept to make myself smaller that the good of my calling finds its grounding. Accepting what is, especially the times when “I” don’t get what I want, becomes increasingly easier, until I have everything I want, because I want everything I have!

On that note, and as a reminder, we have a new show time  of  Sunday at 11 AM CST  instead of Saturdays at 11AM CST.  If you can join us live, great!  If not, you can always listen to the archive or join us live for our other New Essene show on Thursday’s at 6PM CST via Elevate the Soul radio.

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Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

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