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… mind, time and learning patience

Greetings!  We trust this message finds you well today.

Have you ever felt that you are in the midst of learning a “lesson on patience”?  Take it from me, it sucks. I can remember having this horrible nagging sense, a buzzing discomfort, that was with me day and night for years on end.  At that time, I had quit my high paying software sales job to become a life coach and hands on energy healer, offering my work via donation. Each day, I could feel the deep and sacred desire to express my unique healing gifts. When I was with a client, all felt perfect as I was able to drop my ego agendas and allow insights to flow, naturally. It was this level of childlike innocence that helped me to begin to tune into the reality of the client, which was also the reality of me. As wild as it was for me to see myself doing coaching/healing work, I found out pretty quickly that the sessions were the easy part.

In my “prior life” as a technology executive, even though I had no issues with money, I was riddled with addictions and completely out of touch with my soul’s unique song. And yet, although my sacred coaching fed my soul, I was not adequately meeting my financial obligations. Ultimately, I came to see that my path had become the flip side of the coin from my days in the technology industry.

The only sustainable solution to this executive / dreamer polarity flipping dilemma was to find a way to fix the problem for myself, and for everyone else on the planet. I could see how my individual issues were deeply rooted into collective beliefs:  money, religion, health-care, science, government, metaphysics, business, etc. To me, this meant establish a brand new company that offers the sense of enough” as it’s product.

What does this mean?  It boils down to the idea that anything I really want to achieve in life will come out of my knowing myself:  the sense of enough is just another word for integrity, embodied wisdom or enlightenment… That is the qualitative aspect of “enough”. Our company’s work has been to reveal, test and fine-tune a radical curriculum that can lead anyone who really wants to be awake to this exact deliverable. The revenue model is based on the client setting their own tuition after meditating on what it is worth for them to engage in this sort of learning; therein is the quantitative aspect of the “sense of enough”.

The vision described was quite an ordeal which gets us right back to patience. Even though I occasionally get frustrated, I am pleased to say that thanks to the work of Maha and a group of dedicated friends (I should really say family!!), we are now beyond wondering if a solution exists. We know one does. Yes, as the title of this email suggests, the solution to emPowering the NOW involves sustainability resolving the issues of time and mind by transcending them.

On that note, did you know there are two ways to read the very first word of the Hebrew Bible?  One way reads “beginning” and the other way read “being”.  If you have been on the spiritual path for long at all, I’ll bet you can recognize which of these two concepts would best assist you to emPower your NOW.

Would you like to deepen the conversation?  Come join us in our next New Essenes meeting as we discuss page 11 of the New Essenes eBook, entitled Mind and Time.

Included below is our meeting information and logistics. Until then, peace be with you.

Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

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