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…wellness rushes in when I know I am enough.

Greetings!  We trust this message finds you well today.

Speaking of wellness, I just returned from a technology convention in Las Vegas where I heard a thoughtful presentation from one of the largest health care providers in America. The bottom line: Over the past decade, US health care quality has declined (as measured by outcomes), worker wages are only slightly higher (7%), and health care costs have doubled over the same period even while there is a big increase in technology, information and medical breakthroughs. Sounds pretty bleak.  From there, the speaker went on to discuss how cognitive computing technology and “big data” may assist toward delivering better outcomes with less expense in the future.

While technology certainly holds much promise, my felt sense tells me that there ismuch more to this story. Given these factors including the massive explosion of science and technology advancements, why is…

  • our health care system so expensive and yet under-delivering in terms of outcomes?
  • our political environment locked into polarity with no real solution to meaningfully address our growing debt / health care crisis?
  • there such a big and growing gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” (whether individually or in the business environment)?
  • Religion at odds with itself and to a large degree at odds with science in terms of bringing a healing?

Is there a way to have these giant systems of our planet to begin to accept the possibility of operating from grace instead of mainly from greed?  This is an interesting question, one which is intimately related to the formation of the New Essenes and our upcoming virtual meeting on Saturday.

In our last call, we talked about and dissected the Mission of XPR.  It was a powerful inquiry and is the perfect companion for our conversation this week when we will be looking at the Mission of emPowering NOW.  Join us on Saturday as we begin to unfold this new possibility.

Included below is our meeting information and logistics. Until then, peace be with you.

Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

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