The New Essenes – Motion 1

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I move …

In high school, I had the privilege to participate and compete in quite a number of parliamentary procedure contests, which were sponsored by the local FFA chapter. All of it was about decision making and motion. In fact, our team won first place in the statewide competition. It was a total blast. Not only was it fun, but the skills we learned and developed have proven many times to be quite handy, in both formal and informal gatherings. They are especially useful when a group appears to be “stuck” or when we needed to solve a difficult problem and accomplish something important.

Such is our environment now. In looking around at the state of the world at this time, it appears that the timing is perfect to receive a tool by which to optimize what my mind creates and puts into motion. That is exactly what the FOUR Motions are, as one of the  foundational tools of the Path of XPR. It promises to assist the transition from a world of greed to a world of harmony. Have you noticed? There are big issues on virtually every front and it seems that the motion of our psychic pendulum is polarized as it flips from one extreme to another, with both polarities fighting each other. These macro issues (religious, healthcare, geo-political,  economic, science/technology, etc.) can only be deeply inter-related with each other and with our micro issues (family, food, sex, money).

As a new approach  “We propose that you would join us in understanding and using the FOUR Motions as a way to embody self-knowledge and therefore to be happy.” 

Would you second that motion?

Granted, we are not offering a magic wand to fix (y)our problems overnight, but a change in wording and perspective that has proven to make a positive difference in life. As wisdom has it: “when you change what you are saying, that which you are seeing changes. And when you change the way you look at things, what you are looking at changes.”

Are you curious to learn more? If so, join us for the next New Essenes meeting when we will begin investigating the FOUR Motions. Here is the first of the FOUR, to wet your appetite:

  1. Self-Knowledge: understanding intellectually that I am One is a great beginning. Understanding it experientially, and thus sustainably embodying that knowing, is life’s ultimate goal—a “time” when all notions of goals and all planning disappears.

As a reminder, we are now meeting Sundays at 11 AM CST.  If you can join us live, great!  If not, you can always listen to the archive or join us live for our other New Essene show on Thursday’s at 6PM CST via Elevate the Soul radio.

Included below is our meeting information,logistics and access to 2 additional complimentary methods to learn more about XPR. Until then, peace be with you.

Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

ps. Don’t forget, whether you are joining us live, or are listening to one of our archived meetings, we highly recommend that you download the New Essenes eBook and have it available to follow along.