The New Essenes – The FOUR Forces

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… Inconceivable!!

Greetings!  We trust this message finds you well today.

Have you ever seen the 1987 movie titled The Princess Bride?  Should you be looking for a light-hearted laugh, please check it out or watch it again! The movie stars Vizinni (played by Wallace Shawn) as a self-described criminal and genius of Sicilian origin. He is the employer of Inigo Motoya (the endearing sword fighter sworn to avenge the death of his father) and Fezzik the gentle giant. Throughout the movie, Vizinni in a perplexed voice repeats the phrase “inconceivable,” each time being more and more baffled than before by the invincibility of the protagonist – be it Westley, the farm boy, the man in black, etc. – who skillfully overcomes various obstacles in his quest to rescue his beloved, the Princess Bride. At one point in the movie, Inigo Montoya says to Vizinni “You keep using that word (inconceivable). I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Such is the case with the New Essenes and the Path of XPR. How so? To many people, maybe even you, it may seem to be completely inconceivable that there could actually be a secret Biblical decoding, that once understood, could make a real difference in your life and the life of all that you touch. I mean… isn’t that what the folks at the Vatican have been doing for the past few centuries?  What about all of the seminaries, yeshivas, Hindu temples, not to mention the anthropology of academia and the science of human development… Don’t we already understand everything there is to understand about the Bible? Besides that, isn’t the Bible somewhat outdated, with its punishing and rewarding “God” who seems to remain separate and elusive?

And yet… there is a small and growing number of people (sensitive, creative, pioneers) who are witnessing, first-hand, miracles of transformation via XPR. These experiences increasingly represent an opening to possibilities that, before XPR, were viewed quite simply, as inconceivable.

Whether you are male, female (or other), rich or poor, artist or executive, healer or speaker, the invitation is the same: Would you like to overcome the seeminglyinconceivable in your lifequest and save your own Princess Bride, otherwise known as the sacred feminine? Would you like the ability to fully receive and embody the wisdom of you?.

If so, join us for the next New Essenes meeting: we will begin investigating the FOUR Forces, as one of the foundational tools of the Path of XPR. Here is the first of the FOUR, to wet your appetite:

  1. Life is violence: one black hole feeds on millions of stars. Thousands of children die daily. Getting old sucks. Teeth chew, grind and crush (even on a vegan diet). Yet of all dangers, the feminine is the most formidable of the forces of matter.

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Michael, Maha & the emPowering NOW team

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