The PaRaDise Mystery School

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It all begins in a question: why do you do what you do?  Do you know the reason? Are you cognizant of the purpose, the cause, or the belief that inspires you to offer your services? Just like any other organization who is dedicated to make a difference, the PaRaDiSe Mystery School asked itself that exact question: why? Ask and you shall receive! The answer came loud and clear: the Why of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School is: “to dispel the confusion induced by the “God” label, whose abstraction keeps us bound to the illusion of separation.”

That is a pretty big why, since “God” is bound to be the last projection, a phenomenon that can only occur after we’ve convinced ourselves to be separate! A projection, shall you wonder, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is angry may constantly blame other people for being angry. Therefore a person who is into punishment will accuse the divine for being a punishing “God.”

A funny thing about the word “projection,” and the concept of “God” as the last projection: when looking at the Greek word diaballein, we can recognize the root of the word “diabolical, devil.” However, dia∙ballein actually means “to throw across.” Therefore, when we “throw across” or project that which we repress or deny, we are literally making a devil out of it, which is to say: we are expressing the diabolical part of us!

Naturally, when we only see the good in everything – the “God” in everything, then the purpose of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School changes, as we already are in Paradise! The weird spelling of PaRaDiSe points to Hebrew word PaRDeS, which, besides being a 4-letter word for “orchard,” is also an acronym for a square way by which to decode the PaRaDoX. For many of us, it takes a complete unlearning to be able to let go of a persistent conditioning in fear, attachment and scarcity, and become comfortable with the paradisiacal PaRaDoX – the language of the gods.

As for the How the School will make the Why happen, and the What that will follow, let’s discover them together during our next show. Join us as we take a tour of our school and become familiar with its mystery. We will start at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday, and inquire on P60 to 62 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have downloaded the latest version). If you can join us live this time, great!  If not, you may always listen to the archive or join us for our other New Essene shows via Elevate the Soul radio. Logistics follow.

Until then and beyond, peace be with you,
Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heart of the emPowering NOW team.
ps. whether you are joining us live, or are listening to one of our archived meetings, we recommend that you download the New Essenes eBook and have it available to follow along.

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