The SIX Understandings of the New Essenes

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The topic for this show is the 6 understandings:

Our Six Understandings

  1. We are bound by a common desire: to stop suffering and to unfold our potential (which is one and the same). As we succeed, we naturally lead the transition from greed to grace by just being free and/or “Enough.”
  2. We respect the comprehensive neutrality of the Path of XPR and of the New Essenes: there can be no claim as to the authorship or ownership of what will be revealed, as the Living Word belongs to no gender, no race, no nation, no tradition, no organization (non-profit or other), no political group, but only to life itself. We do not have an agenda to promote a particular viewpoint, solution or outcome, or to market a product, service or otherwise.
  3. Our meetings are led by non-professional volunteers who can be thought of as stewards of the Path of XPR—the “New Essenes.” When you are called to deepen your receiving or to become a steward yourself, just let one of us know and we will assist you in getting started.
  4. We contribute according to the “Sense of Enough,” i.e.; according to our own estimation of what this form of support and learning is worth to us.
  5. We offer a safe and sacred container: we may speak or remain silent. When we speak, we may use our own name or a pseudo-name.
  6. We release and hold harmless emPowering NOW LLC and its agents from all liability, as we acknowledge being fully responsible for our own results.