The Word & “IS-REALity”

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Many of us are familiar with Mahatma Gandhi’s provocative quote: “you must be the change you wish to see in the world,” which echoes Leo Tolstoy’s wisdom: “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” As much as we can hear the resonance of Truth in these words, it still is not easy to turn within, and forget about being “of the world” while still being “in the world!” Moreover, teachings seem to be divided on whether the world is real or if it is an illusion. And the thing is: it is both, which is how sages have stated: “Infinity IS REAL, The World is Unreal, Infinity is the World.” That sentence is at once a mouth full and a total brain twister!

Let’s see if we can undo it a little: “the world” is an illusion (Unreal), when I attach to a belief and make it a personal reality. Here’s an example: I invited Jane and she refused to meet with me. That’s the very real part: she said “no!” Now the way that I go into making a personal reality is by punctuating that “no” with a judgment, such as Jane doesn’t like me anymore! Right there, I have just constructed “my” world, a world that is Hell and total illusion – an “HELLusion,” if you would! The more I resist my creation, the more the sense of being unloved and rejected will persist: bummer!

The ability to distinguish the infinity of my neurotic dreams from what is infinitely real comes from taking responsibility for how distorted my sense impressions are. To cultivate that ability, I have my words. The New Essenes adopted as one of their sayings; “communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done!” Indeed, I may lie by not meaning what I say or not saying what I mean: this “loss in translation” is quite common! Yet one thing I can bank on is the result of my communication: this real-time manifestation does not lie, ever! If, for example, I were to say that I am ready to find a job, I can either mean it, and reality will reflect my intention, or I may be ambivalent about what I say I want, and not even know that I am divided! Again, reality (a job or no job) will reflect the energy behind my words, regardless of what my words say – or of what I want to believe! That is how the Word is living, spermatic: it creates worlds! And the question remains: what world are we talking about, as there are a few parallel ones out there – or is it “in here?”

Therefore a reasonable beginning could be to educate ourselves on a global agreements on a few worlds or realms or planes of awareness, and from there, become more conscious of where to place our attention. This would imply to dare to be more real – the “change we wish to see!” By the way, should you wonder about the weird spelling of coined “IS-REALity,” it involves a play on words on what IS REAL – as discussed above, versus what is distorted, as the story of pain my personality creates out of thin air. In Biblical terms, this persona is called “Jacob:” it is only when he authentically dropped the mask that his name changed from Jacob for the “the supplanter, the twisted one,” to Israel for “direct to God;” “God” being another name for “reality!” Yep; Israel IS REAL, indeed!

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