WHY a Universal Code?

BECAUSE having a universal code and, as such, being handed the key to the “City of Peace,” makes it easier for me to detach from the thought “I’m so special that no medicine will ever work for me!” 

Many books have been written on the Bible Code, and much information is available via the internet. Given as one long sentence of 304,805 letters, the letters of the Torah (the original version of the Five Books of Moses) can be pulled in such way as to retrace the main events of the past 3200 years. Code breakers are spellbound: statistically the chances of that happening are at the least 100,000 to 1.

There are enough proofs for scientists to accept that something uncanny is going on with “the Bible Code,” and that the Bible may just be the most astute instrument of prophecy thus far. Yet prophets are not concerned by predicting the future, as much as they are by being conscious in the Now!

Consciousness is the code that Golden XPR – the path brought forth by emPowering NOW LLC – chooses to extract. Imagine opening to so much Peace that you would decide out of Presence, and not out of resistance… Imagine how understanding in your blood that there is only One of us would allow for giving and receiving to be the same, and thereby heal both commerce and communication…

Moreover it is a relief to hear that the wisdom of the Bible does not come from a story that is often narrated as “HIS story,” but more from its minute essence, the Hebrew alphabet.

The deeper I go, the smaller I get, the more dynamic I become.

This would explain how verses of sublime beauty are followed by a violence difficult to reconcile with the sacred, e.g.; an eye for an eye, or an absurd number of laws that actually interfere with evolution. The decoding would also make practical sense of mystifying legends, such as Moses parting the Red Sea or “the virgin birth.” Essentially, the code would go to the heart of the matter, by winding down the right and wrong game…

To discover how the first Word of the Torah is “the GOD Word that was in the beginning” | here. To discover about the Hebrew alphabet as the DNA of Identities | here.

WHY the Choice of Peace?

BECAUSE it is the only choice that makes sense, for me and for ALL! 

Shall I go right or left? Which choice is the safest? Some questions are not easy to answer, and some answers are not easy to hear, e.g.; am I too poverty-stricken to be awed by the beauty that lies within? Am I in so much fear of making “an error” that I’d let others dictate what is good and bad, right and wrong, acceptable and not, moral or immoral for me?

There is Power behind making a choice, which is why choosing terrifies me. When waiting for the other shoe to drop, I know that the decisions I’ve made may not have been the wisest… Although doing my best to ignore it, I know I chose to not hear my heart. Yet, doing so, I also lost my moral compass, and with it, my soul! No wonder I’d be afraid to get hurt…

The choice of Peace is the decision to do no harm. It is also understanding fully why I didn’t want to become empowered before.

If life is about making conscious choices, consciousness is the job I’ve signed up for, whether I’m conscious of it or not! Eventually, I’ll hit the very rock bottom of the problem: the bogus morality that took all the juice out of being human, and made religions out of everything, by dictating the proper way to eat, to exercise, to do money, to enter in relationships… Ouch!

I forgot what it is to be like a child, alert and present… When transparent as a book, there is no materialism that splits the seen from the unseen. The more I am in touch with my motivations, the more I am able to wait for the path to be clear before my next word and action.

Eventually, I become so good at waiting that I notice something curious: I no longer fear Power, as I know that something way bigger than I – an “IT” – is what decides for me! I live in between the notes, as the silence, making no choice that would accelerate the negative impact of cause and effect. I am simply closed for business. Life has become easy.

The Peace of an Olive Branch…