What if?

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You may think we are dreamers… And you would be right! That may be how our favorite question is “what if?” These two little words have an uncanny way to stretch the imagination and take us through the looking glass. Once on the other side, what we find is the Self, which is not necessarily who we think we are! Indeed, what would it mean to find the One you’re looking for? We will have ample space to feel into that theme, as it is the question asked by the 4th chapter of our New Essenes’ ebook, which we are now entering. What if – these words again – what if you were the One you’re looking for?

“Yes, but,” should you wonder, is the nullifier for “what if?” As soon as we use a “yes, but,” we have the permission to remain in the narrow place in which we live: we may not like it there, but, at the least, it is safe! “Yes, but: finding the Self would place an end to my quest. I wouldn’t have any more excuse to not be me! I couldn’t distract myself anymore looking for LOVE out there… I would have to be response-able!” Yes, we hear you: it is “human” to be ambivalent, sometimes looking for enlightenment and, at other times, doing everything to not be the light! Until something happens, like being sick and tired to be sick and tired! And then you decide to go for it, that is, to go for you!

Here is a paradox: this decision is not about you, although it totally is! While it seems that we spend a lifetime attempting to prove that we are special, we all have known loneliness, sadness, fear and anger, and we all have resisted feeling these dark emotions! The more we relate to the story of pain being the same for all, the more we can embrace our own pain, and vice-versa: the more we embrace our pain, the more we relate to the One story of pain. If it is true that there is only One story of pain (and it is), why couldn’t we accept that there is a universal path of liberation – a “one-size fits all?” Therein is the crux of our entry into the One: “there is no individual enlightenment, only a collective enlightenment!”

That statement can be felt in two motions: first, when I wake up as an individual from the illusion of separation, and salute the divine in everything and everyone I meet; second, when we wake up as a collective, and witness the emergence of an Aware Society. As New Essenes, we repeatedly feel the doubts on our journey to the Ultimate Destination: “working on myself is hopeless… I am hopeless… I’ll never change!” Sounds familiar? Yes, whereas the first motion is hard to conceive and to keep on conceiving until THE END, the second – that the planet would transition from greed into grace – seems even more questionable. And yet, how more passionate can we be but when we entertain and even actualize these possibilities?

Yep, you may say “we are dreamers:” we certainly trust that we are not the only ones… Join us this Thursday as we explore and inquire on the “What Ifs” of the XPR Hypothesis, open to the pristine logic of its reasoning, while feeling into the deep truth of “when two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  We will begin our meeting at 6PM CST / 7PM EST. Listen online, via SKYPE, follow us on Twitter. The call in number is (646) 564-9680 (listen or join in on the rich conversation). Let others know that they may always listen to the archive or join us live for our next New Essene show via EmpoweringNow radio as well, on Sundays at 11 AM CST / 12PM EST.

Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heART of the emPowering NOW Team

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