What is EPN?

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The short answer is EPN stands for “emPowering the NOW.” Yet that still leaves a very real question: what is emPowering the NOW? Eckhart Tolle, best known as the author of The Power of Now, states: “realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”

That realization is no less than Self-Realization! Indeed, when I let go of my attachment to outcomes, I find myself enjoying the process. I drop the plan, and am in the zone, happily ever after. I have no attention on time, and do not create unconscious time (no procrastination).

On that note, story is told of a new patient settling comfortably on the couch. The psychiatrist began his therapy session saying: “I’m not aware of your problem. So perhaps, you should start at the very beginning.” “Of course.” replied the patient. “In the beginning, I created the Heavens and the Earth…” There is an interesting realization – my mind creates it all! I am the one who opens on the gate to Heaven and the gate to Hell. Both gates are within me: when my mind is alert, I choose Heaven. When unconscious, I choose Hell!

Heaven and Hell are not a vague promise or a threat that await me at the end of life, depending on how “good” or “bad” my behavior has been. Heaven and Hell are here and now – in my mind! Every moment, the door can open: I can be in Hell and move into Heaven. Conversely, I can be in Heaven and more into Hell. The psychic address I occupy is given by the nature of my attachments – by how Ready-Able-Willing I am to let go of the “stuff.” The more I release my will to the divine, the quicker I move into Heaven. However, when I think I know what’s for my highest good, I rapidly walk into Hell.

Speed – or how quickly I allow my vision to be manifested – goes with EPN. When I am in “Heaven,” I am in “Havin’:” there is no time between what I say I choose to have or experience, and what I actually have or experience.  When in Hell, I am divided, putting to tomorrow what I could do today. Not only I am not here and now, but also I am not “hear and know!” I am engaged in some sort of fruitless rebellion, which keeps me in ignorance by depriving me from the nourishment of grace.

“Know Thyself!” meets “if not now, then when?” emPowering NOW is also a company, a team and family of New Essenes dedicated to bring forth the Path of XPR as a way to transition from a world of GReed (Hell) to a world of GRace (Heaven). XPR assists me in developing symbolic intelligence, so that I have more ease in reading the map that leads to Self-Knowledge.  I still have to walk the territory, yet once I can read the signs, I am less likely to come to a dead-end. I find that I naturally adopt the behavior of LOVE, moment by moment, thereby revealing to myself the secret of emPowering the NOW.

Join us in realization of a heavenly NOW: we will start at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday, and inquire on P52 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have downloaded the latest version). If you can join us live this time, great!  If not, you may always listen to the archive or join us for our other New Essene shows via Elevate the Soul radio. Logistics follow.

Until then and beyond, peace be with you,
Written by Mahalene Louis,
Sent by the heart of the emPowering NOW team.
ps. whether you are joining us live, or are listening to one of our archived meetings, we recommend that you download the New Essenes eBook and have it available to follow along.

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