What is it?

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What is it? No, truly, what is this life about? There must be something more than just working to pay the bills… What is really going on here: who am I? Where do I come from? What shall I do? And last but not least, what’s for dinner?

These deep questions have been asked by all the cosmologies in the world, cosmology being the branch of philosophy dealing with such characteristics as space, time, causality and freedom. Ancient texts, and specifically Hebrew Scriptures, are yet to be decoded for us to glean some interesting hints for life in the modern world. Consider the story of the Israelites as they were freeing themselves from slavery and fleeing Egypt, which, more than a country, is really the “narrow place” of ego consciousness… Begin this inquiry by asking: am I Israelite? This is to say, have I made the decision to flee my own Ego-Egypt so as to manifest my sacred calling via a heart-centered leadership? If so, it is likely that, just like us, you also found that the journey to “the Promised Land” is often riddled with doubt, anger and all sorts of “opportunities” for growth, e.g.; being harshly criticized or unjustly blamed by “the other” for something that was definitely not your fault! Unless you can abide in peace, and not take the attack personally, you are still stuck in Ego-Egypt! Back to the Biblical Israelites, even though they knew they were escaping slavery (and its ensuing suffering), the gang that followed Moses seemed to be constantly dissatisfied and whining. What are we going to eat?  “We might have been slaves, but at least we had a safe place to sleep…” Despite their ongoing complaints, the Biblical story went on to say that said “God” gave them manna each day, yet only enough for one day.

As it happens, the Hebrew for “manna” is not a noun. It is in fact the question “what is it?” What if the manna was not physical food at all, but the result of food for thought – of a spiritual inquiry? Seeded within each freedom seeker, it would first and foremost feed the hunger for LOVE and its incumbent doubt in a profound and sustainable way, which would in turn allow for the trust that makes it possible to assimilate any experience (including food). The more the hunger would be satisfied, the less we would respond to life by way of a greed that has us flip from the belief “I am not enough” to the belief “I am special,” back and forth, each time eroding our self-esteem a little more. Indeed, what is it that not only adds years to our life, but life to our years? It is food, money, sex, family? Or is it the grace of feeling that we are whole, complete, perfect and connected to LOVE?

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