WHY the “WHYS” Power?

BECAUSE this is one of many instances when the Word itself is impeccable enough to say what it means, and mean what it says. As for the caps, they alert me to the presence of a code.

WHYS—noun, plural: questions on the cause, reason or purpose for which something is said or done. WISE—adj.: to have the kindness to know the difference between what serves the good of all, and what does not.  

WHY do I behave the way I do? The question has been asked by theologians and philosophers, the scientists of old, since time immemorial. The vagaries of behavior have also inspired great writing, and yet I still don’t understand what motivates me. When there is a riddle, there is a solution: when I know who I Am, there is no question that I can ask that I do not know the answer to.

It has been said that, when the WHY is big enough, the HOW and the WHAT will find a spontaneous answer. However, when the WHY is not big enough, I’ll use the HOW and the WHAT as excuses for not doing what I said I would. The WHYS of emPowering NOW are for me to raise a big enough WHY to open to the Peace of a mind that has no questions (no doubts), and a heart, no answers (total faith).

Here is how: asking WHY deliberately renders me conscious that there is a victim behind my question. I can now inquire on my motivations for saying and doing what I say and do: I understand. I choose Peace. I emPower the NOW, via the Wisdom that knows the difference.

WHY Wisdom?

BECAUSE, for me to accept change (which comes with no warning, and on a need-to-know basis), I must know the difference between what is good and bad for me. This is to say, I must have the Power to choose Peace.

The universe has laws, such as cause and effect. What I cause through my words and actions will return to me as an effect: it is law.  And yet, in spite of the cross-cultural wisdom of “do no harm,” I find that my communication, at times, is harmful: I create effects I would rather not have to experience!

My use of Power is devoid of Wisdom: I do not know yet what is good for me (and, by extension, to all), and what is not. Moreover, it even seems that my wires are so crossed that what I judge as good is actually bad for me, and vice-versa, e.g.; I say I want to lose weight, and I convince me that one more slice of pizza is actually good for me… It reminds me of an old story taking place in a garden called “Eden,” when, in response to my heart that had told me “don’t eat from this specific tree,” my ego retorts “did God tell you to not eat from any tree?”

WHY the WHYS Tree?

BECAUSE, most of the time, my wires are so crossed that what I judge as good is actually bad for me, and what I judge as bad is actually good for me. 

I really have no clue! The more information I access, the more perplexed I get; the more tools I invent, the less time I have; the more pleasures I entertain, the more pain I suffer. I am SO confused, I can’t see the forest for my upside-down Tree. I thus go into denial, and project my stuff on you, blaming you for my shortcomings.

There is a Tree, however, that can help me see straight. It is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which grows in the middle of the garden, next to the Tree of Life (Gen. 2:9). Just like the Hindu Tree of Life, it flows the energy through subtle centers, from the root up to the Tree’s crown.

The Tree of Self-Knowledge is the key to the Tree of a Life well-lived, as it the core of the paradox itself! I eat its fruit, and go into serial births and deaths, until I hear and understand: “it is in dying that I am born to eternal life.” I am now at once dead and alive, your regular Schrödinger’s cat! Having entered the realm of impossibility where good and evil co-exist, I stopped asking WHY is there evil in the world. The “evil eye” that would focus on the problem is now closed for business, which, as if by magic, reopens my third eye to seeing the SOULution. 

Everything you always wanted to know about Sex as the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and WHY you never dared to ask is in the 6th episode of Cracking the GR-Code (begin here).

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