XPR, the Logo, and the Logos

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Whether a newcomer or “old-timer” to the New Essenes and the Path of XPR, it is very likely that you are wondering what is the meaning of XPR. In what way and for what purpose does “XPR” revive the religious, mystical and linguistic teachings of the ancient sect of the Essenes and of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The purpose is simple: transmuting pain, since, unless I transmute my pain, I will transmit it and perpetuate it. Thus first and foremost, XPR is a healing system to allow for the inconceivable: ceasing my resistance to feeling my pain, and therefore healing! Life is simple: what you resist persists. Yet, in spite of that simplicity, the ego will have us go to great extremes to not be real with what is, to deny it, repress it, blame it on the other.

So, back to our three mysterious XPR letters: how are they the Logos, i.e., the rational “word” that creates the “world” and the logo of healing the mind? That is where we always recommend that you would download the New Essenes eBook, as XPR speaks simultaneously to two learning styles: audio and visual. This is not an either or: the information is much more likely to be “received” when it has two points of entry: eyes and ears! Looking at the page we will use as the basis of our inquiry (P24), we “see” at the bottom the well-known pharmaceutical logo, formed by an R and an X. With a little imagination, we can also “see” that the letter R contains the letter P.

Coincidence – it has been said – is the way “God” expresses itself. Now that the logo is the visible expression of XPR as a healing device, the next question is: what makes it a panacea, that is, a recipe that works universally to heal the individual mind as well as the collective mind? Here is a short overview:

1) No matter what the method of intervention, e.g.; religion, analysis, support groups, coaching, human development workshops, etc., the goal is one and the same: to investigate limiting beliefs so as to integrate them, a healing spoken by religion as “forgiveness.”
2) It is now recognized that personal belief systems are sourced from collective belief systems: therefore, the way to integrating the individual psyche is by way of a global cosmology, which would decode the collective unconscious.
3) The Path of XPR does just that. It reveals that Hebrew is a comprehensive language, just like mathematics or music. Recognizing that there is a language of nature, which doesn’t belong to a group of people but to life itself allows three crucial healings of “sin,” that is, of separation:

  • East versus West, to allow for feminine and masculine polarities to be at one.
  • Religion versus Science, to allow for the good (the mandate of religion) to be supported by the true (the mandate of science), and vice-versa.
  • Judaism versus Christianity, to allow for a grounded understanding of the Path of the Cross as the Hebrew alphabet itself.

Should you be curious about how the three Hebrew letters, which evolve in English as XPR, are the basis of consciousness itself, to 1) eXPRess, 2) eXPeRience and 3) eXPiRe to our limiting Belief Systems (our BS, literally), please join us for our upcoming meeting. We will explore “XPRecipe & Pillgrimage”  page 24 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have download the latest version). If you can join us live this time, great!  If not, you may always listen to the archive or join us for our other New Essene shows viaElevate the Soul radio.